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Toronto Speakeasy Bar

A Toi at Coffee Oysters Champagne

214 King St W, Toronto

A café on King Street West serves up oysters and caviar and boasts to have the largest collection of champagne available to order in Toronto. But this is all a front, as hidden behind copious amounts of champagne is a secret bar named ‘A Toi’, French for ‘To You’.

Simply ask to visit the ‘champagne room’ and you’ll be taken through to an energetic and chic bar, themed like a 1920’s Parisian hotel.

They serve up great cocktails and often with themed nights to keep things exciting. The bar also serves up some a much wider menu than the café with the baked brie and steak highly recommended.

To retain the elusive vibe, there is a ‘no photos’ rule so you’ll have to keep an open mind and see what awaits you.

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