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📍485 King St W, Toronto


Behind a secret password-protected door in Baro, a Latin American restaurant in Toronto, lies a speakeasy bar with quite possibly my favourite name, Escobar.

To get in, you’ll have to find Pablo Snack Bar within Baro (a big hint when you think about it) and either be invited in or know the password. But, what’s the password? Well, it changes on a daily basis, you might be able to get it from the servers in Pablo Snack Bar if you ask nicely.

It’s more like a club than your typical speakeasy bar so don’t expect the expertly crafted cocktails here. Instead, you can buy your liquor by the bottle to keep the energy flowing but expect to pay a lot for this.

The bar has an upscale vibe with hip hop being the go-to music choice. There’s no dress code but it’s very informal and edgy.

Prices: From $7 for beer or mixers, bottle services up to $500

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