Find the Photo Booth

After the success of #FindTheLockerRoom, the same owners launched #FindThePhotoBooth, a similar hidden speakeasy bar. This time it’s behind a photo booth in Sukhumvit Soi 11, an area that has an eclectic mix of bars and clubs catering to locals and tourists.

The best way to find the speakeasy bar is to locate Score bar, and look for the photo booth with ‘Enjoy the Moment’ sprawled across the side, a fitting endorsement of what lies within. The booth is fully working and requires you to use it in order to reveal the secret entrance.

Once you work out how to open up the secret entrance, you’ll first need to navigate a dark room before the cocktail bar can be found. The bar is both modern and sophisticated with candle lit tables and super comfy chairs or larger booths if you’re visiting as a group. Alternatively, there are plenty of seats at the bar which prove popular with guests wanting a close up view of the professional mixologists who work there.

There’s an interesting concept with the drinks, you can go for the classic version or a modern Thai version of each drink. Here are some recommendations:

  • Bond Loved Jasmine – The Thai take on a classic Jasmine cocktail, made with Ketel One Vodka, Don Julio Blanco, Jasmine Vermouth and Chrysanthemum Bitters
  • The Thai Godson of Sidecar – The Thai twist on a combined Brandy Crusta and Sidecar. Made with vanilla infused Hennessey V.S, homemade roasted Thai coconut syrup, and finished with lemon meringue.

Cocktails start at around 360 baht. Come weekends, DJ’s liven up the atmosphere on Fridays and Saturday’s with house music sets which are worth a visit.