Havana Social

Inspired by the secret bars in Cuba before Castro’s revolution, this bar is the definition of a speakeasy. To get in, you’ll have to step into the unmarked phone booth located down a small alley in the district of Sukhumvit and dial the secret code which will reveal the entrance. You can get the code by calling up the bar or sometimes there’s a member of staff outside who can give you this.

Unsurprisingly, in keeping with the Cuban theme, most of the cocktails are rum-based and they have an extensive range of white and black rums to try. They also have a selection of cigars with a huge list to choose from in the menu, these can be consumed in the dedicated smokers lounge of the second floor.

Even if you’ve never ben to Cuba in your life, you’ll be transported there during your visit to this bar, and to really get in the swing of things, there’s panama hats available to wear during your visit.

The cocktails are split in to pre and post-revolution with favourites including:

  • Serendipity – Made with Bacardi, Amaro, Sherry, passion fruit, citrus and bitters
  • Cuba Libre – A Cuban classic made with Bacardi, Angostura bitter, coke and lime.

This bar attracts a lot of in-the-know tourists and expats which is likely due to the expensive drinks. It’s also popular with solo travellers looking to make a friend or two.

The bar plays a variety of Latino, Cuban and Salsa music so expect lots of wiggling hips and coordinated dancing including the staff showing off their salsa dancing with the guests.

This bar is most lively on weekends when bands and DJ’s take over the playlists, but this is also when it is busiest. Entry is 300baht but includes your first drink.