Le Syndicat

Since its opening in 2014 Le Syndicat has caught the attention of the young and hip Parisian community. It’s located around the corner from Gare du Nord in the up-and-coming neighbourhood Rue Faubourg Saint Denis, and the entrance can be found behind a typical graffiti-covered door.

It’s easy to see why this understated entrance can be misleading – once you step inside, the mood instantly lifts. The urban interior consists of metallic bronze curtains, rich golden hues and complimentary soft lighting which highlights the different textural design elements. Add vibey hip-hop tunes and you know why this spot is a favourite.

Co-founders Sullivan Doh and Romain Le Mouellic self-described this speakeasy as a ‘Organisation de Défense des Spiritueux Français’. Their menu is a celebration of all things French – from exclusive spirits to lesser-known liquors like eau de vie and armagnac. The menu includes a variety of choices; from classic cocktails to modern inventions which often includes unique ingredients such as absinthe and gentian-based bitters. Beers, ciders and champagne are also available for the non-cocktail drinkers.

Popular cocktails include the ‘Drop the Beet’- made with Normandy Calvados, beet purée, fresh lemon juice and honey syrup and ‘Gettin’ Tziky With Nut’ – made with Vermouth sec, yoghurt, cucumber juice and hazelnut syrup.

Music forms a big part of the overall experience at Le Syndicat, and customers can request a code from the bartenders to download playlists from the bar’s website. On weekends the space quickly fills up as DJs make sure it’s not only drinks, but a party. The crowd is young and trendy, ranging from in-the-know tourists to locals and hipsters from across town.