The Lucky Liquor Company

When you spot the bright neon sign on Queen Street you’ll know you’ve reached the Lucky Liquor company. The cocktails are hand crafted right in front of your eyes with creative recipes and perfect presentation. To tie in with the lucky theme, there are thirteen spirits and thirteen cocktails, all on a thirteen week cycle, hopefully one of them will be lucky for you.

if you don’t like what’s on the menu, the bartender can create something more to your tastes. Cocktails range from about £7-9 each.

This bar doesn’t have the usual dim and dingy feel of most speakeasy bars, it’s quite bright with tiled floors and walls that look like they’re straight from a London underground station. If anything it feels more like a juice bar than a cocktail bar. Adding to this, the cocktails are all clear thanks to their unique filtration system, don’t get fooled in to thinking you’re drinking juice as that could end messy. Adding to the quirkiness, the music is all played from vinyl records.

The owners know exactly what they’re doing as they run two other speakeasy bars in Edinburgh; The Last Word Saloon and Bramble.