Operation Dagger

There are plenty of low-key speakeasies in Singapore, but Operation Dagger is so low-key that there is no actual name on the door. The bartenders even have a code system for the bottles behind the bar, as well. As if this wasn’t enough secrecy, the menu doesn’t even tell you what kind of alcohol is in the drinks. If you are interested in a true sensory experience where details aren’t revealed to you regarding ingredients – this might be the perfect place for you. Reservations can be made. Operation Dagger is open from Monday to Saturday, from 6 PM “until late”.

It should also be added that Operation Dagger is an expensive establishment, so this is not the place to go if you are trying to enjoy yourself on a budget. The staff are also extremely friendly, and the customer service is widely praised overall by both locals and tourists. You’ll find hundreds of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling giving off a creative “cocktail chemistry lab” type of vibe.

The Hot and Cold is one of the best known drinks at Operation Dagger, and with good reason. Made with pineapple, tequila, white chocolate, and more, the cocktail itself is literally both hot and cold at the same time, thanks to the way it is concocted…hence the name. Another celebrated cocktail at Operation Dagger is The Gomashio, an Asian-flavoured cocktail that incorporates citrus and ginger as part of its appeal.

Operation Dagger isn’t afraid to be ambitious, either with the Pork Soda cocktail, which literally attempts to recreate the feeling of eating an Asian pork dish along with a soda. It’s an intense cocktail with many different ingredients, and is meant to be consumed along with spicy and fatty foods.