Some Place

This really is some place. When you think of Absinthe, you’ll probably reminisce of gross super-strong shots, but Some Place is trying to change perceptions by showcasing excellent cocktails made with the spirit. The bartenders are experts about Absinthe with brands and flavours from across the world. If that’s not up your street, they do have plenty of other beers and spirits to choose from too.

Some Place is discreetly located on Seel Street, look for the glowing green lights to find it and head through the unassuming door and up the stairs to find it. The green glow continues inside the small bar with a very intimate atmosphere and the occasional live music sessions.

The bar also hosts ArtNight every now and again if you fancy unleashing a little creativity.

Drinks to try:

  • Sinthe ‘Spresso  – La Fee Absinthe, Jäger Cold Brew, Espresso and Caramel