Spiffy Dapper

A coffee shop come speakeasy bar come gastropub – that’s Spiffy Dapper.

From the outside there is no indication that Spiffy Dapper is anything more than a coffee shop, but follow the sign for ‘freshly ground coffee’ and you’ll be greeted with a speakeasy offering an incredible selection of alcohol including over 100 varieties of gin. But if you did fancy that cup of coffee, don’t worry as it’s also a coffee shop and a gastro pub too, you’ll never need to leave!

The dim lighting makes it the perfect place for a cosy date, and the speakeasy is known to play 1920s music. The bar started out as a small speakeasy near the pier but it’s success has seen it upgrade to a bigger and better premises. One of the refreshing aspects of Spiffy Dapper is that it still maintains a low-key and unpretentious vibe. If you are interested in a great night out with friends, and want to enjoy some incredible cocktails without dressing up, Spiffy Dapper might be the logical choice here.

Spiffy Dapper has a lot more to offer than cocktails – it’s also a critically acclaimed gastropub, as well. You can grab lunch here, and they have some interesting dishes such as baked chicken (with quinoa), and Mexican black bean crepe.

The speakeasy is known for unique bar food like fully loaded baked avocados, salmon ceviche, stuffed squid, and more. The most popular cocktail at Spiffy Dapper is hands-down the Sheik On The Level, made with gin, Turkish tea, and lemon juice. There are so many incredible gin and tonic pairings here, as well.

One of the most interesting things about Spiffy Dapper is the kind of people that it attracts. At this incredible bar, you might run into bankers, backpackers, students, entrepreneurs, and more – all in the same night.