The Other Room

There are some speakeasies that are just trying to be a cool place for tourists to check out, but The Other Room is about an all-encompassing VIP experience. This small bar is tucked away in the Marriott Tang Hotel and gives off a classic exclusivity, thanks to touches like the elegant gold lighting and the intriguing mirrors.

This speakeasy was founded by master bartender Dario Knox, who has won many international competitions when it comes to the art of the cocktail, so you can expect a certain level of craft here. It is said that The Other Room switches things up as much as possible, so you may find that the menu/decor is a bit different the next time that you visit. The most unique aspect of The Other Room is the fact that they cask-age their spirits, and it’s one of the reasons that the speakeasy has become so popular.

Delve in to their enormous timeline menu featuring cocktails from the 17th century up until the present day. The vintage menu also features some traditional gin and scotch drinks. If you’re the type to get the urge to order a Rob Roy or Aviation, but never know where to order it – here’s your chance.

The food menu offers traditional items like sirloin steak and fresh oysters, but there are also other more interesting offerings. There is some focus on sandwiches here with a firm favourite being the Bikini. a Spanish take on a ham and cheese sandwich, only it’s topped with truffle.