Best Speakeasy Bars in Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital is full of incredible experiences that will keep you entertained for days. Come the evening, you’ll see a different side to Edinburgh with an extremely lively nightlife.

The city is an eclectic mix of pubs, student bars, and upmarket cocktail bars, including one in an old church and some selling skittle cocktails. Of course, there’s also a great array of speakeasy bars waiting to be discovered.

The speakeasy trend dates back to the Prohibition in which alcohol was banned in America which saw many of the bars go behind closed doors or some disguised as other establishments such as cafes and barbers.

Nowadays, the speakeasy concept is experiencing a revival across the world as many bar owners add a bit of excitement to the experience with hidden doors, passwords and dimly lit basement bars.

In this guide I’ll reveal some of Edinburgh’s not-so best kept secrets and share some of the city’s best hidden bars.