Convenience Store NQ

The neon glow from the Red Bull and Taco signs could have you fooled in to thinking this was your typical convenience store where you could pick up a box of cereal, but you’d be wrong.

This northern quarter speakeasy has gone all out on the inside too, the bar is themed like a cashier you’d find in your local shop and you can even pick up some retro chocolate bars and a slush puppie (with added alcohol, of course!).

The only cereal you’ll find here is in their speciality cheeri-f**kin-o cocktail mixed with cinnamon and vodka. The cocktails have a junky American theme and are well presented. There’s also beer available on draught or in bottles.

Prices: Expect to pay around £8.50 per cocktail.

The bar is quite small with limited seating so you’ll probably have to stand up, it’s best suited to couples or small groups.