Best Speakeasy Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok has a varied nightlife, from the buckets of booze on Koh San Road where most backpackers can be found, to the glamorous rooftop bars and red light districts of Sukhumvit. Bangkok is Southeast Asia’s party capital, the city is alive until the early hours of the morning every day and being in Thailand means you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

Most bars and clubs will have the typical bright neon lights and promo staff trying to lure you in, but for those who enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden gems, the city does not disappoint.

Bangkok’s speakeasy bars are mostly reserved for locals, expats and the few in-the-know tourists who do their research. As you’ve discovered this page, then you must fall in to one of these categories too.

📍 25 Sukhumvit55, Thonglor
Exposed Brick Walls • Industrial chic • Hidden Behind an Unmarked Door

Behind a wooden door in Thonglor marked only with RH, lies Rabbit Hole. This low key, up market bar has earned itself a place in the top 50 bars in Asia according to the official list and with a huge menu of cocktails it’s easy to see why.

Exposed brick walls, metal staircases and a glow of red lighting give an industrial chic feel to the interior whilst still retaining an upmarket feel. If you’d rather a bit more privacy, you can take a seat at one of the tables near the window or the cosy nook area upstairs with velvet seating, pillows and stools.

📍 Hotel Muse, Langsuan Road, Lumpini, Bangkok
1920’s Prohibition Theme • Rooftop Bar • Sunset View

You’ll find the Speakeasy Rooftop bar atop The Muse hotel in Lumphini. This bar isn’t quite as elusive as the other speakeasies in Bangkok, but there’s a 1920’s prohibition theme throughout and with a view across the city’s rooftops so it had to be included.

The bar makes a cost spot to enjoy the sunset as you sip on one of their prohibition era cocktails which are dedicated to Gladys Louise Smith, better known in the world of mixology as Mary Pickford who inspired her namesake cocktail.

📍 406 Thonglor Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok
All-Star Team of 4 Well Known Bartenders • Secret Entrance in a Locker Room

Now this speakeasy bar is a challenge to find and will have you rummaging around in a locker room looking for a secret door, we just hope you have the right locker room. Inside, the cocktails are extraordinary, not least because the bar was originally founded by 4 world class bartenders who had already built up a serious reputation before starting the bar. The menu is grouped in to past, present and future cocktails depending upon your taste – we recommend one of each, but maybe not at the same time!

📍 #FindThePhotoBooth, Soi Sukhumvit 11 Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand
Enter Through a Photobooth • Classic vs Thai Twist Cocktail Menu

After #FindTheLockerRoom ended up as one of the best speakeasy bars in Bangkok, the same owners launched #FindThePhotoBooth. This time the secret bar is hidden behind a photo booth in Sukhumvit Soi 11. The best way to find the speakeasy bar is to locate Score bar, and look for the photo booth with ‘Enjoy the Moment’ sprawled across the side, a fitting endorsement of what lies within.

The booth is fully working and requires you to use it in order to reveal the secret entrance. Once you work out how to open up the secret entrance, you’ll first need to navigate a dark room before the cocktail bar can be found. Each of the cocktails can be ordered as the classic recipe or the bar’s own modern Thai twist.

📍 Havana Social, 41, 3 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana
Viva La Revolucion • Unmarked Phonebox Entrance • Cuban Cigars and Cocktails

Inspired by the secret bars in Cuba before Castro’s revolution, this bar is the definition of a speakeasy. To get in, you’ll have to step into the unmarked phone booth located down a small alley in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district and dial the secret code to reveal the entrance. You better hope there is a someone around who knows the code (there will be).

Unsurprisingly, in keeping with the Cuban theme, most of the cocktails are rum-based and they also have a selection of cigars which can be consumed in the dedicated smokers lounge of the second floor. Expect salsa dancing, latino music and lots of fun. Entry is 300 baht but includes your first drink.