Best Speakeasy Bars in Rome

If you’re searching for speakeasy bars in Rome then you won’t be disappointed, as long as you’re looking in the right place. Rome was quite new to the trend of secret bars but since The Jerry Thomas Project opened in 2010, many others have followed suit.

Evening antics in Rome kick off late so you won’t want to head out until midnight, but don’t worry bars in Rome are open very late (or early). Many of the bars listed here are private members clubs which adds to the exclusive speakeasy vibe, often this will involve paying a €5-10 membership fee upon arrival so you may want to pick one and stay there for the night rather than a speakeasy bar crawl.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, Vicolo Cellini, 30
Rome’s original speakeasy bar and the city’s worst kept secret

Since it was established in 2010, The bar has been at the forefront as the speakeasy trend has swept across the country. Founded by a group of bartenders, the project aims to create a venue that focuses on traditional mixology and top notch ingredients.

To gain entry, you must answer a quiz about the history of bartending on their website to gain the password. The entrance is an indiscriminate black door with no signage, when the peek hole opens, give the password to gain entry. The bar itself has a beautiful interior that lives up to the speakeasy style with dim lighting, quirky chesterfield couches and some live music, usually blues or jazz.

Club Derrière, Vicolo delle Coppelle, 59
A moody bar hidden in the far corners of an Italian restaurant.

Osteria Delle Coppelle is a restaurant in Rome cooking up authentic Italian cuisine. But this restaurants secret sauce isn’t the food, it’s the intimate speakeasy bar hidden behind an old white wardrobe in the back like a Narnia of cocktails. Entrance is also possible via the large unmarked mechanical door on Vicolo delle Coppelle.

The atmosphere is dark and moody, with exposed brick walls, vintage mirrors and leather or velvet armchairs to choose from. There are plenty of cosy spots to drink the night away and the professional bar tenders will keep the elegant cocktails flowing with flavours ranging from celery to sage.

The Barber Shop, Via Iside, 2
Expect low brick ceilings, candle arches and the barber chair from days gone by.

Inside an old barbershop in the heart of the city you’ll find one of Rome’s best speakeasy bars. They have kept the barber shop theme including the traditional barber chair and checked flooring which adds to the allure. But at the opposite end of this low brick ceiling room, you’ll find cosy armchairs, tables lit with wax candle arches and one of the city’s best stocked bars.

From friendly staff, to excellent cocktails and signature drinks, this is a speakeasy in every sense of the word. This bar is open until 5am and has all the whiskeys you could need to last until the early hours. Adding to the secret allure, this is a members only bar so you’ll need an ARCI membership which costs £10 for a year.