The Jerry Thomas Project

The Jerry Thomas Project is the original speakeasy bar in Italy and is Rome’s worst kept secret. Since it was established in 2010, The bar has been at the forefront as the speakeasy trend has swept across the country. Founded by a group of bartenders, the project aims to create a venue that focuses on traditional mixology and top notch ingredients.

To gain entry, you must have the password which can be gained by correctly answering the questions on the website which relate to Jerry Thomas and the history of bar-tending. The entrance is an indiscriminate black door with no signage, when the peekhole opens, give the password to gain entry.

Who was Jerry Thomas?

Jerry Thomas (also known as Professor Jerry Thomas despite not being a professor) was the father of mixology. He owned saloons in the states and wrote the first book about drinks, the bar tenders guide, in 1862. He is believed to have invented the Tom Collins recipe amongst others and helped showcase bar-tending as being creative and professional.

Once inside you’ll find a beautiful interior that lives up to the speakeasy style with dim lighting and quirky vintage furniture including chesterfield couches. If you’re lucky there may even be live music to accompany your evening, usually blues or jazz.

The drinks are what makes this bar stand out, not only are they professionally created and presented but they also use their own syrups and flavours so you’re getting something truly unique. These drinks have helped the bar secure a place among the world’s 50 best bars.

This is a membership only club so when you arrive for the first time, you’ll need to fill out a membership card and pay a €5 fee. It’s also recommended to make a reservation which can be done on the website too.