The Barber Shop

Inside an old barbershop in the heart of the city you’ll find one of the city’s best hidden bars.

This underground venue is built in a low brick archway with cosy armchairs and tables lit with wax candle arches, a true speakeasy. At the far end you’ll find one of Rome’s best stocked bars and the other, a barber shop with the traditional chairs and flooring where you can get all the selfies you need.

The staff are the friendliest Italians you’ll meet, and they serve excellent cocktails. The menu has takes on classics as well as their own signature drinks.  They have a huge selection of whiskey from across the world and lots of whiskey based cocktails if you don’t fancy it straight.

They have a few simple rules to follow in keeping with the venue’s vibe:

  • You must order a drink enjoyed by the locals (no long island’s no red bull)
  • You must not be loud, and you should keep your phones on silent
  • Do not go in the bathroom in groups

This bar is open until 5am so you can have your night cap might end up being a morning cap.

This is a members only club and requires you to sign up for an ARCI membership. Anyone can sign up for this which costs €10 for a year and you can sign up at the door. This is a cash only venue.