Heads and Tales Gin Bar

What could scream Scotland more than drinking a cocktail out of an Irn Bru can, well that’s just one of the options at Heads and Tales gin bar. Nestled away in an unassuming basement is a cosy bar that specialises in all things gin.

I’m not just talking about Gin and Tonic, look out for Gin cocktails and maybe try your hand at their Gin masterclass so you can also become an expert. To join the masterclass, you must book in advance. This bar is used by Edinburgh Gin for their distillery tour and it contains two old Gin stills on display.

They have coined the term GIY, which stands for Gin It Yourself, and is a reference to their design your own cocktail menu which follows four simple steps:

  1. Choose your glass
  2. Choose your gin
  3. Choose your flavour
  4. Drink & Repeat

(Step 4 is my personal favourite)

This is the exact type of bar that you’ll randomly stumble upon and end up spending your entire evening there thanks to the quick and friendly service and delicious drinks.