No Entry

South Pigalle used to be known as one of the quieter areas in Paris but picked up a new wave of interest as a few trendy businesses made their home in this neighbourhood over the last few years. Now, as visitors stop off at Pigalle station, many head south to explore the stylish bars, niche boutiques and cocktail clubs of the area, and No Entry is no exception.

Situated in the basement of the multi-storey Italian restaurant Pink Mamma, No Entry is one of Paris’ most elegant cocktail clubs. The entrance is through a cold-store room at the back of the restaurant, where you’ll meet a secret doorway and a staircase taking you down to the basement. With no windows down below, it’s easy to lose track of time, but trust us, this is the kind of place you’d easily spend hours in.

The interiors of No Entry were created by the internationally acclaimed Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. It’s a seductive speakeasy with a fiery red marble bar, velvety pink walls and glass carboys used as creative lighting. This glamorous and cosy cocktail spot attracts sophisticated evening guests, classy colleagues and curious tourists.

Their speciality? Italian liquor and custom-made cocktails. The menu offers classic cocktails with a twist, cocktails made with vintage liquor and a small selection of Italian beers, wines and champagne. You can expect not only an amazing-tasting cocktail, but something that compliments the beautiful interiors too – the talented bartending team are known for creating some of the most eye-feasting cocktails. Do ask them for a recommendation – they will happily help and explain some of the unusual flavor combinations.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere, attentive staff and quality cocktails makes No Entry one of Paris finest cocktail bars. Pre or post dinner at Pink Mamma, this is your one-stop spot for an Italian night out in Paris.