Moonshiner is a modern bar which gives a sophisticated nod to the 1920’s. Inspired by the hidden clandestine bars of the Prohibition, this speakeasy-style bar was created by the team who brought you Kremlin, Clockwork Orange and Dirty Dick.

Known for its detailed décor, friendly staff and whisky selection – Moonshiner is a not-to-be-missed spot for those with an appreciation of style, taste and mood. Hidden behind a heavy-metal fridge door of a local pizzeria Da Vito, it’s easy to miss this Parisian gem, but once you step through the walk-in fridge, you are welcomed into another era.

What awaits you on the other side of the fridge is the grandeur of the Great Gatsby generation; cocktails, Chesterfields couches, soulful jazz, soft lighting, old gramophones and a well-ventilated smoking room. This is the closest you’ll come to time-traveling in Paris.

With 83 whiskies on the menu, Moonshiner attracts connoisseurs with an appreciation for vintage and rare collector’s whiskies. Don’t be alarmed if whisky is not your drink of choice, affordable beers and classic easy-drinking cocktails are also amongst the most enjoyable drinks by regular visitors.

For a true Moonshiner experience, try one the signature drinks – the Smokey Island, the Number 6 or the Salvia Cosmo. Drinks are served in mason jars or flasks – all contributing to a true and unique experience.

Note that it’s usually a few degrees colder inside the bar, so make sure to bring an extra layer. The dress code is not strict, but it is advised to make an effort to complement the stylish interiors of the space. Once you’re inside, the easy-going staff will assist you and gladly recommend a drink or explain the menu to you.