BattBong: The Bar Behind the Coca Cola Machine

Hidden behind a Coca Cola vending machine is the entrance to a swanky cocktail bar in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. The unassuming vending machine is situated in a hidden street off Langka Laneway, Street 51, Phnom Penh.

Sometime’s there will be a bouncer outside who will show you how to get in, other times you’ll be left to locate the discreet handle on the side of the machine by yourself, as you pull it the machine swings open to reveal an entrance.

Inside a vintage design with about 10 tables along with chesterfield couches and booths. It was about half full during our Monday night visit but reviews suggest it can get pretty crowded on weekends so best to make a reservation. The bar attracts a mix of Khmer locals, expats living in the city and tourists.

Credit: @battbongbar

The bar serves both food and drink. Food options include Tapas (roughly $4-$6 per plate), Khmer cuisine, pizza, cheese boards, and much more.

A beer will set you back $3.50, a house wine about $5 and cocktails around $6, this is about twice the price of a beer in the rest of the city. But the decor, live music and up market atmosphere make it worthwhile.

We arrived in time to catch the end of the live music which perform Monday – Wednesday between 7-9pm. The singers cranked out both western and Khmer music, giving a lovely ambience to the evening.

Credit: @battbongbar

The owner is incredibly friendly and the bar staff highly professional, making some of the best cocktails in Phnom Penh.

Opening times: 6pm-midnight every day

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