Convenience Store NQ: Leave Your Shopping List at Home

Forget about picking up a pint of milk and the Daily Mail. Only visit Convenience Store NQ if your shopping list consists of Porn Star Martini and Jägerbombs.

With neon lights promoting American brands such as Red Bull and Pepsi, alongside signs for candy, lottery and cold beer, at first impressions, this bar could easily be confused for any old American convenience store.

But during opening hours, the game is quickly given away by the bassey music and hoards of guests sipping luxurious cocktails. This is no ordinary convenience store. Inside the bar is quite small and gets very busy on weekends, arrive early and you might get lucky with a few stools but it’s most likely that you’ll end up standing.

The theme continues throughout the interior, exposed brickwork decorated with american pop culture posters and retro arcade games reminiscent of and old convenience store. The bar itself with glass counters showcasing the range of retro sweets and chocolates that can actually be bought here.

But, chance are that you didn’t come here for the confectionery offering. As well as beers and spirits, Convenience store has a speciality range of cocktails, including the creatively named Cheeri-fucki-o-kiddo which blends cinnamon with vanilla vodka and black coffee, I’m reliably informed there may even be cheerios in the drink.

But, my drink of choice here has to be the slush puppies, a perfect choice when in a convenience store . Will you take your slushie laced with tequila or brimming with vodka?

From the team behind Manchester’s Almost Famous burger bar and Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn Mexican restaurant, this speakeasy is one of the city’s newer additions.

Where to find:

The bar is located at 100 High St, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HP. You’ll find it on the corner between Thomas Street and High Street, look for the neon lights and sign outside with some witty quotes such as ‘Not Another Tesco F*king Express’ or ‘Frosties are just Cornflakes for people who can’t face reality‘.

Opening hours:

Weds- Thurs 5pm – 11pm
Friday 5pm – 3am
Saturday Midday – 3am
Sunday Midday – 2am

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